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    Ok, I really don't won't pay for a Treo, sign up for a 1 year contact,
    and then find out I can't make the setup do what I want it to do. So, here is
    the latest my twisted mind has created to try the service with a minimal
    investment of money (I am willing to buy a pre-paid 8290 set 'cause I can
    always sell the phone if I don't get service with voice stream or use it
    as a backup):

    According to VoiceStream, data services (I am not referring to I-Stream)
    do not work with a pre-paid plan.

    However, as anyone tried gettind circuit switch data (CSD) to work with
    pre-paid? I am in the Seattle area, near the home offices of VoiceStream

    The 8290 is important because it has the IR port for modem use with my Visor.
    If there is alternative phone that will work with the Visor via IR,
    I am open to suggestions....

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    What exactly is circuit switch data (CSD)? How would you use / enable it if you had the visor/8290 combo? Let me know and I can test it out for you.

    I have the edge and an 8290 and I always use it with my "data services" option to surf the web. It works great... great for burning time at the airports.

    I'm also in the seattle area

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