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I'm lost and trying to understand what the purpose of dialing into RR is all about; so I'd appreciate it if someone could dummy it down for me. I use RR at home as my ISP, and SPCS is my service provider with the 650. On the Treo, I can receive my email from RR, must use SPCS to send. Would dialing into RR mean that I'll have the ability to send mail through their server?
Basically, the script allows you to use the free dial-up service that is offered as part of your RoadRunner service to access the internet through your Treo. Since you're using the virtual modem to access the internet, you're just making a local phone call, so you don't have a separate data charge. You'll just get your regular minutes deducted for the time you're online.

There are quite a few other threads on TreoCentral about this that go into more detail and list scripts for other ISPs. Try searching for "SEND CR"