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    I've heard nothing but good things about VoiceStream here in Chicago, and plan on switching to them when I get the Treo.

    But one thing worries me. On their website, they mention To use your phone as a modem, you must purchase the $19.99 or $39.99 iStream add-on plans.

    And these plans are:
    PDA (Windows-CE based Pocket PC)
    $19.99 per month
    5 Megabytes (MB) (about 90 web pages or 850 e-mails)
    300 Ping Pong™ text messages
    Connect your phone to your Windows® CE-based PDA.
    $5.00 per additional MB

    $39.99 per month
    10 Megabytes (MB) (about 180 web pages or 1,700 e-mails)
    300 Ping Pong™ text messages
    Connect your phone to your laptop or Windows® CE-based PDA.
    $4.00 per additional MB we would need to pay nearly $100 a month for practical use of the Treo? I'm used to Sprint, where data usage just burns your regular minutes. Why in the world would they charge additional just because it's data?

    Can someone please debunk this theory? Otherwise I'll be forced to go with Cingular, if they even offer GSM here yet.

    Or maybe Handspring is delaying the Treo because they're trying to get VoiceStream to fix this. **fingers crossed**
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    I'm not sure of the details for the particular ad you're quoting, but I think that it applies only to GPRS.

    I use regular 9600b speed connection with my 8290/VDX and Visorphone with the basic 39.99 plan. The minutes all count as regular weekday, or weekend minutes depending on when I use them.

    9600 is slow, but sufficient for checking email and light surfing. I use it to check show times, lookup phone numebrs, check headlines, and it works nicely.

    Without any multimedia or other 'killer apps', I don't see value added by GPRS.
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    I second LMidnight's reply. I do the same thing (8290+Palm/Visor, $39.99 plan) and it only counts as a phone call--no special charge, just minutes.
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    I have been doing some searching lately to see who will be providing service for the new Treos. I have not found mention of them on any website I have searched (Arch, Voicestream, other local companies). Has anyone had any luck with companies?
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    hate to tell you this, but Cingular also charges per minute for data calls on GSM.
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    If the new Treo is GSM (I believe it is), any GSM provider will work.

    If you currently have an account with a GSM provider, you'll only need to swap the SIM card from your current phone to the Treo and you're on-the-road.

    I'll never go back to Sprint for that reason alone. I can switch from VPhone to the 8290 whenever _I_ decide, and still pay one bill.
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    Hey there VisorPhone and Treo users,

    Both VoiceStream and Cingular offer good deals on data minutes but they don't shout it from the treetops. You just have to For Cingular, sign up for their Wireless Internet plan. Get rid of your DataConnect feature. Don't sign up for Wireless Internet Express because that it GPRS and cannot be used on the Treo yet. The cool thing about Wireless Internet is that you get charged for data out of your voice minutes which is way cheaper than the 15c per minute for DataConnect.
    VoiceStream has just started to turn on data services by default. They are switching everyone over to thinking about their GPRS offering called iStream and it is really hard to find anything on their network about regular dial up internet. My friend in Utah signed up with VS and found they had data services already enabled right off the bat. The charge is via your voice minutes. Don't sign up for DataStream. I don't know if you can have DataStream removed from an existing account but it is probably worth a try with their customer care.

    I just wish these guys would become ISPs too so I did not have to have a separate annual charge for that.


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