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    surprised to see only AT&T related posts in this subforum...

    Anyways, my questions are simple....

    Is there going to be a GSM Palm Pre in the US (I'm on T-Mobile), and if so, are there also plans for an unlocked GSM?

    I've emailed Palm directly as well as searched the forums, with no real answers.

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    They would probably offer it like they did with the Treo devices and most likely when Sprint's exclusive is over.
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    AT&T has their head so far up Job's that I wonder if the Pre will ever make it there. I've been on WM since getting annoying with my Treo 680's limitations around 6/2008 and been waiting since to see what is on the market when I can upgrade.. Unfortunately that's looking like it's around the 1/2010 timeframe with AT&T's 21 month policy.

    So regardless unless I'm paying well more than I'd ever pay up front for a phone I'm waiting a while longer. Perhaps the Pre will hit AT&T by then.. I just hope the don't pass the Pre for a Centro, erm, I mean, Pixie.
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    I too am an AT&T guy and am effectively stuck until May of 2010 under the current contract. So my T680 and I soldier on in hopes of a GSM unlocked.

    But I agree that Apple has been a big winner for AT&T and if you were AT&T corporate why would you want to rock that boat?

    You are gaining subscribers (who it seems are overloading the network's current capacity, or so the media would have you believe). So adding more web centric devices exacerbates the tech problem while also ruffling Apples feathers. Seems like a crappy business idea to me.

    I think the best we can hope for is an unlocked device (which does not solve the network issue) much like the Treo Pro. That will not happen until Europe has theirs (majority of initial production) and the Sprint exclusive dies.

    Patience is a they say.

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    I have no need or desire to deal with AT&T just for a phone.

    My T-Mobile contract is wide open, and I'm able to my 650 internationally.
    For extended internation stays, I just buy a short-term O2 contract and swap the SIM card. Done.

    I've been around engineering (having designed phones) too long now to dare involve myself in more stupid politics.

    If Palm wants to survive with the Pre, then they're going to have to offer up more options.

    Oh....and Sprint can go stuff it also...

    There, mini-rant done!

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    Why would palm not survive with its current options? Apple did very nicely off the iphone. Palm wont die it will just get bigger as new palm products come out. They did an excellent job with the Pre.
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    The Pre will do well when they open up the other options (GSM/unlocked amongst the primary).

    Hopefully Palm will continue to do well by offering multiple products.

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    I keep saying if Palm can pull off the Pre and make enough sales to get out of their slump and pull in a large enough development community they'll be okay. They let themselves stagnate for too many years without innovation, it's gonna be a long road out of their nosedive.

    WebOS is a totally different paradigm from PalmOS, which in many ways is a good thing, but new systems have a lot of growing pains. OS bugs, application availability, etc..

    Get on AT&T by first of the year and we'll talk Palm.

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