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    I've carried a 3G capable ATT phone for work as well as my personal sprint EVDO phone (of various types) and can say in New York and New Jersey AT&T has very spotty 3G service - which is inexcusable. I was recently in Orlando FL and my coworker with an iPhone had slow 3G (Google maps couldn't download the map) while I was running 1600kbps speed tests on my Touch Pro. They certainly have the fastest THEORETICAL throughput and when they get their stuff together it will be faster, but right now ATT is kind of like having a fast car with no wheels.

    I've also had EVDO with sprint for over a year in upstate NY - in an area with less than 10,000 people. That's a good sign for Sprint's EVDO coverage.
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    Service depends on where you live and your commuting and travel patterns.

    Sadly, after three weeks with my Pre on Sprint, I am returning it because I can't get a signal in my office building 10 feet from the window. I love the device. Just that Sprint is weak in Central PA. I had a Treo 650 on Sprint with the same issue, so I moved to a 750 on AT&T. I still have that phone and am going back to it. Service is great on AT&T here. My colleagues get good service with Verizon and T-Mobile here.

    I guess I have to wait until one of these other carriers support the Pre. Is that January 2010?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cyclingdaddy View Post
    I guess I have to wait until one of these other carriers support the Pre. Is that January 2010?
    I don't know, but that's what I'm waiting to see. I'm hoping T-mobile since I have their unlimited loyalty plan, but they don't seem to have much of a relationship, if the past is any indication.

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    From PCWorld:

    A Day in the Life of 3G - PC World

    Where I live, Sprint is claimed to have faster 3G than AT&T, which is what matters to me.
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