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    I first thought this was just a problem with my iPhone, but after seeing my whole family lost service on AT&T, I found that its bigger than the iPhone. I am curious if any members on this forum residing in Michigan have had any service issues? It first started with losing all data 3G/Edge, then voice/no service. Funny, I was on the phone with AT&T this morning, getting thru with no problem but when the service went, I called again and was on hold for an hour and still failed to get thru, probably amounting from the storm of calls after service loss.
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    I'm in Chicago on AT&T on a Treo Pro and lost data service late morning, then lost voice early afternoon, i'm still down.
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    They said something on TV about the winds causing the service to go down. AT&T only it seems. There were high winds in Chicago. I'm not completely sure about Michigan, but I think I saw that power was knocked out due to winds in Michigan, so you may have gotten what passed by us too.
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    Depending on where in MI, we had winds anywhere from 45-70 MPH. Scattered power outages and small tree branches/limbs down, too. But it did a nice job of drying the roads and sidewalks after all that melting.
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