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    is anyone else getting sick and tired of the fact that tmobile is not offering any of thew new improved phones?

    are they cheap?
    do they not care to get people to buy anything?!

    all they care about is there UGLY sidekick and there retard black berries.

    i dont see them coming out with a new and improved phone like att/verizon/and sptrint do almost every other week.

    the ONLY good thing about tmobile is their data/text messaging plans are lower than everyone else.

    ok im done venting.
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    LOL, I am with you on that.

    I keep looking for a new device, but I see mostly BBs and SKs plus some anemic WM devices. I don't know what happened to the supposedly plan to roll out at least Centro.
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    its really annoying. they have a new sidekick coming out that tony hawk made (who gives a ****!)...i guess we need to have one retarded cell phone company on earth that ONLY likes to attract the teenaged peeps...

    **** on you tmobile!
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    Well, if the 850W ever gets released here in the US, I have to reconsider about going with AT&T (even though I have several unsatisfactory dealings with them before on my landline billing).

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