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    I have recently unlocked a new Treo 680 from the AT&T network however when I place my t-mobile SIM in the phone it says I cannot use this SIM. Is this a software issue? Please advise. Thanks.
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    It may not be unlocked then.
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    Yep, if the SIM doesn't work, it's not unlocked. How did you unlock it?
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    I acquired the unlock code from AT&T (miracle in itself), did what I was asked to do, place a cinglular SIM in the phone, did the code thing and it said it was now unlocked. Great I thought, until....I placed my T-Mobile SIM in the 680 and it said that my SIM could not be used on this phone or it wasn't unlocked, something of that nature. I have been told a) it's perhaps a SIM card issue and I need to ask T-Mobile for a new one and b) that it may the AT&T software that doesn't allow me to use any other SIM but theirs. Would this be true? Is it the carrier software? I don't know. Not an unlocking expert.
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    When I unlocked my Treo with the telco's code, you are supposed to put the other SIM card, key in the telco's provided code and that will unlock it.

    I forgot the specific steps but I knew I had to do it with another phone companies SIM card.
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    I haven't unlocked a 680, but the 650, IIRC, you removed the SIM entirely, put in a code into a program, it did somethingoranother, gave you back a code, and you put that code into the phone app and it was done.

    I forget what we used, but my wife and I sold our 650's on eBay after unlocking each of them when we got our 680's. Both people had no problem.
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    old thread - but in case someone needs help.

    corret method to unlock a treo is to place A DIFFERENT sim provider card in, then when it says wrong sim, press ##8-digitcode#, then green dial button
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    The steps I've found for the 680 are *#*#code# send
    I tried your way but got an 'Operation failed' error.

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