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    I live near Redmond WA. Both my and my wife's treo 680's are constantly being reset to Feb 28th by AT&T's network. Anyone else having the same problem?
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    same thing happens here in Atlanta if I allow the treo to set time via network. For today, you might just turn off the network time sync:

    Automatically Set: (change to 'Nothing')

    the manually set the date to 2/29/08
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    ....people use network time? Isn't it well known to cause lag (while it does its update) and cause other problems?
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    Same here in NYC and jaytee's fix works. I'm hoping it will be fixed on the 1st and I can go back to auto set.

    As far as a lag, mine works fine and I travel often enough to want the time/date to auto adjust depending on where I am.
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    Same things happened in Texas too. Until this evening, the time worked great, then all of a sudden my time jumped back to the 28th. I used ProfileCare to correct the date.

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