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    I'm going through a little nightmare with AT&T. For my area they have the best service/coverage but I am quickly discovering that they have the WORST customer service.

    I logged on to the Premiere Website to order a BlackJack II. They system acknowledged that I was eligible for upgrade and accepted my order. I recieved confirmation from ATT via email on the order and about 30 minutes later, I recieved a second email cancelling the order.

    The email stated that since I had upgraded within 24 hours or upgraded more than 4 times in a 12 month period, I was ineligible for upgrade. If I felt this email was sent in error, call 1-866-499-8008. Neither of the conditions applied and I called the number.

    The Rep told me that since I purchased my last phone in March of 2007, I was ineligible for an upgrade. I explained that the website accepted the order, stated that I was eligible for an upgrade and felt that ATT should honor the order. The Rep apologized for the frustration but said there was nothing she could do.

    I asked for a supervisor and after about 15 minutes on hold, I was told it would be another 30 minutes before a supervisor would be available. I told the Rep to have the supervisor call me (doubt it will ever happen) and hung up.

    I tried to get some answers again today and recieved the same run around. I could not get anyone to understand that if I was not eligible for upgrade, the system should have never allowed me to order the phone. If the purchase system allows me to place the order, the order should be honored.

    I was told I could purchase the phone at the non-contract price ($450) and that is not going to happen. I asked the Rep if she thought it was fraudulent to advertise the phone at one price, deny the sale and then offer it at a higher price. Didn't get much of a response on that one.

    From the constant transfers back and forth to the unreasonable hold times, ATT is not reflected well by their customer service.

    I'm trying to get in touch with Kathleen Dowling, ATT's VP over Customer Service to see if any relief or explaination can be offered through her office but I'm not going to hold my breath.

    So... if you are a Premiere Customer, be aware that if they system says you can upgrade, it might not be true. As of five minutes ago, I can still access the system and place an order. It will be cancelled, as one of the Reps so aptly put it, but I can still place the order.

    Way to go ATT!
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    I seem to remember that the general rule for AT&T upgrades is 18 months if you're on a 2 year contract...
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    I understand that and it that is the case I can live with that. But... when I enter my account information on the website, it comes back with a message that reads, "After a review of your account it has been determined that you are eligible for the following shopping options: Upgrade"

    If I'm not eligible, I shouldn't get this message. The best I was hoping for is that they'd allow the purchase to go through. The next best thing would be for them to fix the website so it's not misleading.
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    Don't mess around - go straight to the top. I was quoted a price for purchase of a tux (a price that the dealer I was buying it from got from the company). Went to purchase - was told no. The dealer tried every which way but loose to try and get it. The company wouldn't let him sell it to me. I emailed the President of the tux company, and within 24 hours - I was giving my credit card to the dealer, buying the tux I wanted...
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    I had that same issue with AT&T premier last month. It says I was eligible but then a minute after I placed the order, it's canceled. Finally, I called C/S and explained that I was having trouble with my phone (which I was) and i wanted to buy a different phone to try. A few minutes later, I gave her my CC to buy a BlackJack II for $60 shipped with no contract requirements.
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    If I could only be so lucky.... Murphy's Law has jumped in and I've had problems with my 750 since this has happened. I've had more resets in the past two days than I've had in the past two months.

    I've written Kathleen Dowling, VP over Customer Service as well as the President of ATT Wireless. No response. I may just go ahead and try to order it again and roll the dice.
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    Just to update you on my adventure with ATT. I recieved a call from one of Kathleen Dowling's (ATT VP Customer Service) assistants today. After discussing the issue with him, it is likely the Premiere Website did not review the correct or full account when it authorized the upgrade. When the order was reviewed by a order clerk, they noticed the error and cancelled the order.

    It sounded like this isn't a frequent problem but has happened with other accounts. Because of the oversight, ATT is going to honor the upgrade.

    I'm still dissappointed in the customer service I recieved and it really shouldn't have taken going to a VP's office to get some sort of resolution to this problem. It got really frustrating when nobody could explain what was happening and never gave me the impression they cared.

    I am glad it worked out and I am impressed with Mrs. Dowling's response time, just shy of 24 hours. Hopefully they will find a way to correct this problem with the Premiere Website so nobody else has to go through this mess.
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    I had a similar situation, but not with Premier. I bought another iPhone to test it out again, and when I activated the phone on iTunes, it would not allow me to order a regular voice account. The only way I could activate was buying a "Go" Phone plan (prepaid). I've opened and closed a few AT&T accounts within the past couple of years, perhaps that is why.
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    Coppertop, I think I lost something in the narrative. Are you saying you were never eligible or that AT&T screwed up your order until you were rescured by a Princess in the corporate heirarchy? The reason why I ask is that my company also uses this At&T premier thing. I am elgible for an upgrade and want to let go of my treo 650 for a Blackjack II. Is the $99 machine that the general public has available also available to corporate premier customers? I was tempted to print this thread and give it to the person who orders phones for our office and tell her that its been done before and can be done again.
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    As it was explained to me, the online ordering did not review the correct date when I placed my upgrade order and accepted it. When the order was reviewed by a customer service agent, they rejected it because of the date they saw.

    The frustration began when nobody could explain why one system was accepting my order and another was cancelling it. Nobody was willing to admit that something wasn't right until I made it to the corporate level.

    As far as the BJII (great phone by the way) is concerned, it is available through our Premiere account and I don't know why it wouldn't be available through yours. With the help of ATT's corporate office, I was able to upgrade to that phone.
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    My wife's account (secondary line on my primary account) always shows eligible. We've upgraded her phone several times (over reasonable periods) and it's never changed.

    Unfortunately this means she thinks she can upgrade her phone all the time.
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    That's what I've been doing on our family plan. My husband can tell you how many times I changed phones in the past year. He tells people I never keep a phone for more than 30 days, which isn't too far from the truth.

    Quote Originally Posted by khaytsus View Post
    My wife's account (secondary line on my primary account) always shows eligible. We've upgraded her phone several times (over reasonable periods) and it's never changed.

    Unfortunately this means she thinks she can upgrade her phone all the time.
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    This just happened to my wife (I tried to upgrade her to a Centro). We upgraded her phone about 8 months ago (and in the past, I have upgraded frequently via the premiere website).

    I wonder if they are simply starting to be more strict with the upgrades - even with the premiere website?

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    Just an FYI - when I log in now to change my phone, I get a message saying that I am not eligable for an upgrade. Never got the message before, so it appears they have changed something around.

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    I did the same with my wife's phone. She's about two months away from being eligible for upgrade and as strange as it sounds, it was nice to see that the Premiere Site reflects that.
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    It is nice to see the systems synched up (about a week after I *****ed to AT&T about it), now the question is if I will be shown as eligable when I am!


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