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    As the title states - I have a small business and my partner wants to move to ATT b/c he is not liking his old Q and his EVDO coverge is spotty compared to mine (we live in different cities). OK, he also wants an iPhone. Fine with me, but we burn up a lot of minutes a month talking and thus both of us being on the same carrier is important to our bottomline.

    I am in Texas and I am curious if others have moved to ATT from Sprint and how did the services compare. In general, it seems no carrier is perfect, but given that coverage is equal - how is the overall quality of the ATT experience vs. Sprint?
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    I'm in TX too and have both Sprint - Treo 755p and ATT - Treo 750 and I, by far, find ATT's service more reliable! Sprint might be better with just Data... but for coverage, I def. prefer ATT!

    Finally, to add to the mix, I also have Verizon and, although I hate to admit, Verizon is probably the best way to go if you don't care about crippled LG phones...
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    Thanks for the input. I don't really want to go to VZW, might as well stay w/Sprint (which I happen to like pretty well and coverage here in Austin is great). One of the other pluses of ATT, IMO, is the Utility plan that allows you to call ATT landlines for free like M2M.
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    For what it's worth - I'm on AT&T and the only time that a Sprint customer got service, and I didn't - was while at Camp Wilson, located on Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center 29 Palms in the Mojave Desert.
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    You're right: no carrier is perfect. t
    Though ATT has overall great coverage, you need to test if it works where you go: home, work, play, travel.

    So, go "buy" a phone (the Tilt rules), try it for 29 days, return it. Then decide if and how to transfer numbers and accounts.

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