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    i'm on a T-Mo contract with a year left to go and planning to get a Sprint Centro. i'm grappling with the practical steps involved in switching to Sprint while at the same time transferring my contract (via or some similar site) and hoping to keep my same number. is this even possible?

    if i buy the centro and then port my T-Mo number, i understand that T-Mo will hit me with the early termination fee. is it possible to transfer the T-Mo contract without losing my number, then port my number to the Centro after the contract transfer?

    any suggestions/experiences welcomed - having never ported a number and never transferred a cellphone contract before, i feel like a total newbie....
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    The problem I see is that once you transfer your contract, the T-Mobile number won't be yours to port anymore. I don't know if maybe you, the new owner, and Sprint might be able to work something out, though. You would get a new Sprint number to start with, then you and the new owner of your T-Mobile contract would have to somehow trade numbers.
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