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    Sometimes on the weekend, I don't want to carry around my Treo and I swap the sim card out and stick it a Razr. My Treo case makes it a bit of a pain to remove the sim card. Any way I could avoid this but turning one phone off first and turning the other on.
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    Not that I know of, mainly for security reasons (not allowing a "cloned" SIM on the network). Each SIM has its own ID in addition to having your account information, and the network would see that ID, so having only one on at a time wouldn't work.

    I still have my old VoiceStream SIM, and if I put it in my phone and turn the phone on, the phone will fail to register with the network and will display "Unregistered SIM."
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    I have not been brave enough to try it myself, but there are some companies that have created a "device" (not sure what to call it) that lets you use multiple sim cards in one phone. Try a google search to find them. Good Luck!

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    weissdabigman is asking about using two essentially identical SIMs in two separate phones, though. (Two SIMs in one phone can be done with no problem, as long as they have different accounts/phone numbers and the phone has the hardware for two SIMs or room for an adapter.)
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