On the Treo 600 I used to be able to access TMo's site via my Treo web browser and pay my TMo's bill and also access to my emails as well.

Then TMo revamped their site and my access was limited, I can view my account but cannot pay or even view my email. I talked to TMo's support and got no real help. I moved to the Treo 650 but same issue.

The work around I found was to use the proxy address people posted here and set my connection via T-Zones. But that was a pain.

I was under a grandfathered voice and data plan (TMo VPN Plan) at that time plus 500 free text.

Then when I change my plan to a voice family plan and traded my text to the family unlimited. Data plan remains unchanged. Then all of sudden my access to MyTMobile.com is ok. I have full access to TZones, MyEmail and pay my TMo bills.

This tells me that the issue was with TMo and not my Treo.

Anyone else have similar experience.