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    I am signed into AIM via SMS on almost a permanent basis. I did this some time ago with my TMO Nokia 3595 by sending an text message to a certain number, along with my userid and password for AIM. I don't remember the number. But whenever I sign OUT of Trillian on any of my computers, this SMS services takes over and I get text messages on my Treo from AIM users.

    What I would LIKE to do is to be able to do this same thing with Yahoo IM. I found this page:

    However, when I send a text to 126007, I get an error saying:
    "An error occurred (407A) when sending this message"

    Is what I am trying to do possible? I want to do this since I can't get Mundu to work with Tzones.
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    Yahoo uses 92466 in North America.

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