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    In the greater Boston area. Since 2am.
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    Sucky. Haven't seen any problems here since 8am in Kentucky.
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    Its back now.
    Pilot 5K->Palm IIIc->Tungsten T/T2->Treo 650/680 -> Pre+ (1.4.5 & Uberkernel)
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    I've been having intermittent data outages over the last few days in Washington State. They seem to last anywhere from 30 minutes to a few hours. The odd thing is that my Treo 650 will "connect", but no data is transmitted.
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    i'm having issues in los angeles. anyone else in LA having problems connecting to data?
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    Working in Long Beach,CA at 12:58pm (at&t)

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    They just changed the signal over from Cingular to ATT on my old Cingular SIMs yesterday. Maybe they were updating and that had something to do with it? Just speculation.
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    My son's phone just switched over to the att logo yesterday in the milwaukee area, my 680 still reads cingular.
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    Yeah, I think AT&T is farking with the network. Mine switched to AT&T here yesterday and data was funky or VERY SLOW all day.

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