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    Some are aware of the controversy over the data plan on the AT&T Samsung Blackjack. Despite it being a 'smart phone' AT&T change to selling the PDA plan on it after the first 30 days of selling media max on it (media max being the same as the smartphone plan.)

    Well, Media Max is back for the Blackjack, officially.
    (You'll have to enter your ZIP to get to the page.)
    Get a FREE Blackjack when you buy any MEdia Max bundle and a rate plan of your choice. Get in the ring with WWE Superstars and check out the latest wallpapers, ringtones and exclusive video with the Black Jack and a MEdia Max Bundle!

    * Samsung Blackjack
    * Rate plan of your choice
    * MEdia(TM) Max bundle of your choice
    So what does this mean? Well it means absolutely nothing to us Treo users except the fact that if they're allowing Media Max on the Blackjack officially, then perhaps they aren't aren't going to go hunting down PDA users any time soon. Not that I expected them too, but it's nice to see something come out of the company to gauge what direction they seem to be going with this issue.

    With the Blackjack and iPhone both being on $20 data plans. Both are high data users. It's safe to assume they aren't going to go look data use alone on a Media Max plan as telltale indicator that it's being used with a PDA.

    That and I just wanted to alert everyone of this nice promo.
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    Looks like that promo has gone
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    Yeah, they changed it from Media Max to PDA Personal Max on the promo.

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