Has anyone had their Treos reset while streaming media on AT&T's Edge? I'm using a Treo 650 with the Media Net $20 plan from two years ago. If I use Pocket Tunes to listen to online radio or Kinoma to stream online radio or YouTube, the Treo resets after a couple of minutes or less. Now that AT&T upped the Edge speed for the iPhone release, I can get uninterrupted internet radio and a better YouTube experience...except that my phone keeps crashing. I heard that I'm not allowed to stream with the Media Net plan (nor am I supposed to be able to use that plan with a PDA/Phone, but I did what many people did and signed up for the Media Net plan back in 2005 the day before the Treo 650 was released, and switched the sim card from my old phone to the Treo 650), but up until the iPhone release I had no problem streaming...except for the slow Edge speeds before iDay. Now the speed is great (for Edge...it still sucks...I want 3G), but I can't stream with out the phone resetting. Anyone else having this problem (is AT&T sending some reset bug to my Treo once they realize I'm streaming so I don't eat up the precious bandwidth for their new iPhone customers (the bandwidth that Edge should have provided for the past two years...I'm kinda mad...what was I paying for)?

p.s. I may go iPhone and I hate to say it because I love the Treos, but where is the innovation, Palm?!