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    Anybody got the number for AT&T/Cingular retentions?

    I need a new T680 but the $549 price at the store for those of us not quite eligible for an upgreade is absurd!!! Hell list price is only $399 for an unlocked T680.

    That list price is so high....I would be inclined to leave I want to give them a shot at keeping me. I don't need a sweetheart deal. Just a decent deal as I am more than willing to renew my plan commitment etc.

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    Everyones looking for Sprint Gold.
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    See if they will do an exception upgrade. My wife was all bent out of shape when I got my treo because of all the stuff I could do (mp3, pim, etc.) and my old Tungsten T5 and Razr weren't good enough. She talked to someone and got a partial discount on a Pearl. The discount is not as much as the discount for eligible upgrades, but was enough. I think you have to be 1 year into a 2 year contract and sign for 2 more years. We did end up calling cs to order the phone b/c the local stores were jerks.
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