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    Are there any available ways of getting data on a prepay plan?
    i've got my sprint treo but i'm also getting either an HTC universal or advantage, which is obviously GSM only. I don't want to make any phone calls from it... just be able to get online and not have to sign a contract to do it... i have looked a little but not found any options... anyone have any luck?
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    T-Mobile has no data options on pre-paid.
    Cingular (now Att) gives you access at 1 cent per Kb. This means that 1 Mb will cost you $10.24. Very expensive, but at least an option for the forgotten prepaid customer.

    I sometimes wonder why they just don't charge the same rate per minute for data. I guess they like to leave a lot of money on the table with hopes people will just get out of pre-paid into a postpaid plan. Ain't gonna happen...
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    At&T Go Phone "Pick Your Plan" has unlimited data for $19.99 per month. They are the only prepay service with a non per kb package. you can even do DUN and tether a laptop. You must have a voice prepaid plan to get it though, which I think start at $29.

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