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    I just converted to Cingular from Verizon to get GSM so I don't have to have 2devices (one for US, one for travel). I live in NYC. Many callers have told me that their reception of me (i.e., hearing my voice) is frequently tinny and broken up. On the other hand, I generally have good reception (i.e., my hearing them), without the dropouts. My question: Does this sound like a Cingular network issue (my guess: no, since I have no trouble hearing), a Treo microphone problem (defective?), or something which is curable by using a wireless headset?

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    Well, you might try using a wired headset and seeing what you sound like with it. If it's fine there, it's possibly a screwy microphone.

    Volume Care can increase the sensitivity of the microphone, plus boost the volume from the earpiece and speaker. There's a fairly long trial, so won't hurt to try it.

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