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    Hi guys,

    I am moving from Asia to the States and have a Treo 650 which I gather is the unlocked GSM version (since we don't have branded, locked GSM phones here).

    From surfing around on the Web it seems I have a choice of either AT&T (which acquired Cingular) and T-Mobile, for GSM service. Is this correct?

    Which is the better provider?

    I need voice (duh) but most importantly I would like either unlimited, or good value, cellular Internet data for Web, Email and various IP apps (e.g., Google Maps for Palm).

    Also, I think I am limited to GPRS speeds right? With my Treo 650. Or can I get faster, such as EDGE?

    Hope you can help! Thanks in advance!

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    your best bet now is cingular they have faster data but they're plans are pretty pricey. For the inter you should get the 19.99 media max best deal that comes with 200 SMS
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    Cingular and T-mobile are pretty solid in California. I have both and travel between Los Angeles and San Francisco on the road often. Either way you should be fine.
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    You may want to try pre-paid. Cingular has a media plan that you can tag along with 'unlimited' internet as well. I am not sure if T-Mobile has any internet plans for pre-paid.

    With pre-paid you can experiment both carriers before you go all the way with a contract.
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