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    Just thought I'd post this as it's a convenient location for a subject which has oft come up over the years. No, Cingular is not offering insurance on the Treo but a full list of what is and what is not eligible for the insurance may be found here:

    terms and conditions for the insurance are here:

    And the lead url is here:
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    Might as well mention it, since you bring this topic up.. Most home owners insurance, and perhaps others, can offer insurance on personal electronics.. Laptops, cameras, phones, etc. And it's usually pretty cheap. I have $3000 of stuff on mine and it's around $50/year.
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    The thing to watch on the homeowner's stuff is not getting surprised by the deductable. When ya gotta show a receipt and the receipt says $99 with a 2 year contract and your deductable is $250.....they don't care about "replacement cost". Sems replacement cost only comes in when that number is less than what's on the receipt >

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