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    I am on verizon, but many at my company have Cingular, although not necessarily a palm treo. They are all being hit with activation fees. First when they had AT&T wireless and it became Cingular, they were told they had to pay the activation fee because it was a new company, and now the same thing. With verizon, you pay if you are a new customer. Are the people in my area being taken for a ride? It seems fishy if you a customer and you get bought out you shouldn't have to pay for it...
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    If they were AT&T and had to pay a fee when the company changed it's name to Cingular... and the company is now changing it's name back to at&t... the customer should not have to pay another fee, in fact they should demand a refund on the fee they already paid!

    Or, what's to stop the company from changing it's name again next week, or twice the week after, or 1000 times the week after thet... getting a fee each time?

    Sounds bogus to me that they would dare ask for such a fee at all, but probably expected as carriers try to squeeze more blood out of us turnips.

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    When I switched from AT&T to Cingular, I was told there was an activation fee, but they agreed to waive it for me.
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    I just can't believe the audacity of them to do this. And most are uniformed and ask me after the fact. I say ask beforehand..
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    Having just gone through hell with landline ATT ($92,000 phone bill and yes the calls were made but $11 per minute???) all I can wonder is why Cingular thought is was a good idea to rebrand to use the ATT name. They didn't have a stellar reputation then. Apparently the same hoo-hah continues even now.
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    Supposedly AT&T is the stronger brand name. I think that's a bunch of crap personally, as most people I know don't think of AT&T as a wireless carrier, but everyone knows Cingular (good or bad).

    I just feel sorry for the saps who went AT&T -> Cingular -> AT&T. At least they don't have to switch phones around again.

    I wonder if AT&T has this nazi policy on unlocking that they used to. Cingular will unlock a phone if you've been a customer for some months and have an international plan, but AT&T always refused.
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    I guess I'm lucky I switched from Nextel to Cingular in Jan and have had no additional charges But I have had better luck with Cingular than Nextel Also I haven't gotten any thing form At&t either.
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