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    I'm considering purchasing some parts phones (Treos only, of course). I would appreciate any thoughts & ideas about things to look for and/or avoid in being able to successfully refurbish them and sell inexpensively. For instance, i know the sprint treo's have some type of restriction that could put me out of business.
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    Are there enough dead (but not really dead dead dead) Treos available for you to make a living by doing this?
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    I'm so confused. More coffee.

    But finding dead Treos to buy from people so you can fix them and sell them. It just seems like it won't be easy to find these beasts. I'm guessing that most people turn them in on warranty or they run over them with a car making them useless as rehabilitation candidates. Interpretation: inventory supply problems.

    I won't touch the question of how much money people want for dead Treos. Or how you manage the risk of buying a dead Treo remotely without diagnosing the real problem. You might have a complete and total brick for which you spent real money and which will have no redeemable qualities whatsoever.

    Then you have the revenue side of the equation. Can you sell the rehabilitated Treos at or below current market price (dropping monthly, by the way, so the long term prognosis looks worser and worser and worser) so you can make decent gross revenue?

    The way you'd move your revenue up is by dropping 600's (they're too old and no one will give you big $$ to buy a refurbished 600) and dealing with 650's. But prices are dropping because they are old, so you don't have a big window of time there for that market. So you move up to 700's (p and w both). But for most of us with 700's, we're under warranty or we bought insurance, so these aren't going to come on the market as potential fix-it projects for you. The 750 is brand new, too. You won't see enough of these to buy/fix/re-sell.

    I'm dubious . . . but I could be wrong.
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    The problem with dead Treo 600 (or even 650) is that once a Treo user is declaring the device as good for parts, the device is literally is dead or useless.

    Lots of broken screens, phones dropped into liquid, etc. You could get the parts from fleabay but the amount and time you spend may not even be worth it. You may get lucky but only can really determine if it is worth your time.

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