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    I have a friend who is looking to get a smartphone and he's on T-mobile. What I wanna know is, why the lack of selection? It's mainly Blackberrys:

    P.S. when you click on the chart, you'll see the arrow'll have to scroll to the right to view the last smartphone on that comparison chart (the T-Mobile BlackBerry 8800).
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    There is the Dash, which is a pretty nice little phone (if you can live without a touchscreen). There is the SDA, which unfortunately does not have a QWERTY keyboard and therefore is An Abomination Unto The Lord (though it does have wifi and streams music really nicely; I had one for a while).

    But yeah, after that (and we're not counting that oddity, the Sidekick) T-Mobile is not exactly awash with smartphones. I've brought my own phones to the table with them (650's and a 750) and my family plan expires on the 14th of May which co-incidentally is the expected release date for the 755p on Sprint. Ummmm...

    So why does T-Mobile USA suck? I don't know. Go browse the UK or German T-Mobile websites if you want to drool with envy. I figure T-Mobile USA doesn't have decent phones because the when the T-Mo executives where children their parents wouldn't let them wear cowboy boots. Or something.
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    What happened to the MDA? I thought I saw them release it with the SDA. Talk about choices, majority of the PDA/Phone versions are BB.
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    Oh, yeah. The MDA. I was enchanted with it for about 3 days. Went back to my 650 happily.
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    I believe the lack of 3g prevents smartphones from lining up for T-Mobile USA. (T-Mobile in Europe is a different story.)

    T-Mobile USA recently acquired a bunch of radio frequencies. It's going to be interesting to see what their plans are. 'Unfortnately' these frequencies are not 'compatible' to the rest of the world so if they want to use these for their 3/4g services, they will need to work with developers such as HTC to come up with special ones.
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