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    I have struggled for a long time trying to get DUN working with my Powerbook G4 via BT to my T-Mobile unlimited data service on my unlocked Treo 680. I finally got it working after many months of sporadic attempts with info scoured from the web. I am posting this using this setup in case others are interested.

    1. Pair Treo 680 with Mac as a phone set up to 'Access the internet with your phone's data connection' and select 'use a direct higher speed connection to reach your internet service provider (GPRS, 1xRTT).
    2. Leave the username and password blank and use as the GPRS CID string.
    3. Choose Generic GPRS CID1 as the modem string.
    4. If you have apps on the Treo that constantly exchange data over the GPRS connection turn them off (e.g. I have Good Mobile Messaging and Chatteremail) so that they don't keep trying to stop the DUN connection.

    If you get a message on the Treo asking to stop the DUN always say no.

    I have successfully maintained reasonably long connections at 58kps speeds (like old dial-up) that seems sufficient for light web browsing and email.

    If anyone knows a way to get a faster connection I would be interested of course.

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    Oh yeah... I think I got the string from:

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    it works. yeah
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    I am very glad this could be replicated.



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