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    I have the Cingular Medianet plan (the 19.99 unlimited plan) on my Treo 650. I was looking online at my usage and it shows 6 mb of data use plus 97 mb of pay per use data. I haven't been billed yet and don't want to call until I asked a few questions here.

    I just got a laptop and connected for a few days via the treo because I was in a situation with no other connection method. My question is, can they tell if you are tethered to a laptop or just receiving data on the treo. I signed up for the "unlimited" plan before they changed it a couple years ago, I thought it was really an unlimited plan? I would upgrade data plans if I need to, but don't want to pay a huge bill for the pay per use data on my account now. Any input would be great, I've searched for answers, but seem to get more confused the more I read. Thanks for any help.
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    There's really no way Cingular can tell you're tethering your Treo to your laptop. They can only guess if they notice a sudden rise in your data usage. In my experience, "Unlimited" does mean unlimited. I've used PDANet to access the internet on my laptop and used the Treo exclusively for internet for awhile and my usage was up to 200MB per month. I've never been questioned or charged a pay per use data charge.
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    I would definitely call Cingular right now and tell them your bill is showing PPU on an unlimited plan. Don't get into having the 650 or being tethered, just make it real simple. PPU charges on Unlimited data plan = Something broken.

    If they ask, I'd still avoid talking about tethering. You don't have to lie, just limit what you tell them.
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    Thanks a bunch for your quick responses! That's what I needed to hear. Again, thanks for taking your time to help me out!
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    Just saw this -
    I've had the MediaNet plan for a few years, too. I used to run my laptop tethered to the 650 via PDANet and never had any issues. I also noted when checking my acct online that sometimes it showed data use as though it was limited, but I never had a billing issue. I'd refrain from calling too much attention to it. With more and more data intensive phones available, it seems just a matter of time before they start cutting us old timers off at $20/month. Meanwhile, I am contemplating moving from my current 8125 to an 8525 - IF they ever decide to provide 3G coverage to my area. It's less than 60 miles to the north of me (south of Charlotte, NC) and less than 80 miles to the south (north of Atlanta, GA). I'm in the largest population base in SC. If it doesn't show up soon, I may just have to get the iPhone...
    I say don't call unless extra data usage shows up on your bill...
    Former long term user of the Treo line, then on to the HTC 8125/8525. Now I have graduated to the iPhone. For the first time since getting my first Treo 600, I am not constantly scanning the web looking for a better converged device.

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