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    Hello everyone. I'm just registered with Treo Central and looking for advice.
    I have Tmo service because I live out in the desert (AZ) and they are available and for me to run land line to my property would cost a mint. I have TMO data service thru my lapton PCMCIA card (GC89) I want to get a Palm 680 but I know that if I do get an unlocked one and there is a problem with the carrier palm is not going to help me and neither is TMo because they do not carry a treo phone. What is kinda weird is that even though my service is thru TMO they use Cingulars cell towers because when I go Online or place a call on my cell phone I get the Welcome connected to Cingular Service logo at the top. My question is ..should I take my chances and pay the $400.00 for the unlocked treo 680 and hope I have no problems with the carrier or should I pay the $200. penalty to tmo for breaking the contract and get the free 680 with Cingular? Both carriers are available to me. I do like TMO because I use tons of hours on the web and I have unlimited internet for 19.99 a month. I have no idea what cingular is going to charge me for unlimited. I'm also currious? If there are only 2 GSM carriers that can use the 680 in the US, why doesn't Tmobile offer it? O Yeah, sorry for the bad spelling....
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    T-Mobile user here. I have had Three different unlocked Treos. T-Mobile will help you with any issues. they just won't help on the hardware side but palm will.
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    Thxs Jamesgangut. I didn't know that. I currently have an HTC model they don't support and they won't give me the time of day when it comes to network issues.
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    Hi KeyBob

    So you are using T-mobile's Internet for your laptop? My understanding is that package will also give you T-mobile Internet on your Treo, no extra charge. I'm not sure if you still would be able to do that from a Cingular tower, but I suppose if that's how you're getting your data now (on your laptop), then it should be the same.

    I've been happy with T-mobile -- customer service is great, and my recollection of research I did recently is that data with Cingular is going to cost you much more. If you're still grandfathered on the $19.99 plan, you're not going to beat that anywhere.

    How is the speed/data transfer rate with the T-mobile Internet on your laptop? I've been thinking of ditching Comcast and going that route -- I don't really download huge files that often, and it would be a nice way to save a chunk of change every month.
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    Hi Skahmo, Thanks for the info. As far as the speed/data goes it's not that great (about same as dial-up)around my place but that's because gprs is all that is available here. When I get into Flag or Las Vegas area it speeds up considerably because it's on Tmo's own towers with Edge.

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