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    Ok, i just signed up for another two years with Cingular/AT&T. I had an old plan from when they were AT&T (49.99 2 Lines 550 shared minutes, unlimited NW/MM, +12.99 4MB Data, free incoming text, pay as you go out text). Well, last month (and most likely a couple times in the coming future), 550 minutes just doesn't cover it. My bill was double last month because of overages charge. Fair enough, we needed the minutes, that's the deal. Well since my 2 year contract was up about 6 months ago, figured I'd see what I could get.

    Well I was able to go to the local store and get pretty much what I want, $59.99 2 Lines 550 shared rollover minutes (save up to cover those times we need extra minutes), + 19.99 Media Max 200 for my line. That and a new Samsung c417 phone for my wife which they payed me $2.50 to buy (love rebates).

    Anyways, I'm pretty happy with this setup, but worried they'll boot me off the Media Max 200 since I'm using it with a Treo. The sales guy said it wouldn't work with my Treo when he saw me pull it out, but I told him I had another phone I could use it with. He sold me the plan anyways, and said the voice part would work no problem with my Treo.

    So, what are the chances of them taking it away? Generally I don't use much data, I have pocket Express Free do a download each morning for news and weather. Now that it's unlimited I may use Google maps on occasion and or check email when internet isn't available. Previously I used around 3MB a month. How much more do you think I could do with out razing flags and getting it taken away (when I might need it most on a business trip). Most times I'm not a big data user so can't warrant a $40/Month plan, but $20/Month is nice to have the unlimited if I really need it.

    Ok, so what are others experience with this, do I need to worry about it, or should I have fun and play around with my new found data path on my Treo?
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    Ok, from what I've read through the forums it "sounds like" I shouldn't have anything to worry about. I'll just try and enjoy my new plan and make the most of it.
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    No worries. The in-store reps want you to go with the PDA Connect because they get a much bigger commission.

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