I have a treo 750 on Cingular.

Is there any way to disable the "busy greeting" on voicemail that lets callers know that I am on the phone? I do not want them to know this, as it does not allow me to live my life as secretive as I prefer. Any time someone calls while I am on the phone, or even if I ignore their call by pressing a button, they know that I am around. So they keep calling back, start sending text messages, or ask me why I didn't call them back sooner when I finally get around to it, etc., etc. This is not good.

The only option I can find is to record some identical-sounding outgoing message for both items. Pretty soon, people will notice the subtle differences in those recordings. Plus, I'd rather have the computer voice than my own (again, secrecy). Is there no way I can just kill the "busy greeting" and have the computer lady say under all circumstances that I am "not available" or whatever?