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    I have mostly moved over to Sprint but I have a legacy 1,000 minute family plan with T-Mobile that expires in May. I don't have data on either line.

    I'm not paying for T-Zones, so I only get whatever free crippled access T-Mobile gives away. I'm just buying a bucket of minutes.

    Yet I am sitting here with a 750 in hand busily posting to TC.

    Is something terribly right with the world? FINALLY I am getting something for nothing, and it scares me.

    Am I accidentally doing data roaming on Cingy?

    Has anyone ever had this happen to them?
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    I hope you don't have a nasty surprise waiting for you in the next bill !!
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    That's what I was thinking. I wonder if you are on a pay as you go plan for data. Cingular, for example, offers data on all of their accounts I believe at $.10/kb.
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    I was thinking about the nasty surprise possibility. I called CS and they said if you can't get to it then you're not going to get billed. But that just doesn't seem right. I am on the Sprint Treo right now. Good old SERO. I feel safe.
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    t-mo is desperately trying to stop users from using full web if they arent paying for it, unfortunately for them, the last thing they tried seem to have opened up for all.

    this is probably temporary.
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    You'll see by reading posts in the "T-zones down?" thread that a few weeks ago, this free perk was disrupted for a few days, causing widespread panic among many of us used to having free Internet. So it's not an anomaly -- it's one of the ways many of us justified to ourselves (or spouses, in most cases!) paying the extra bucks for the unlocked Treo.

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