Hi all,

Hoping someone can help me out. I just got a new Sony SZ460 laptop (my first laptop with bluetooth), so I was interested in trying out the ability to use a Treo as a modem over bluetooth.

I have a Cingular Treo 650, and do have a data plan (it's the $19.99 medianet unlimited plan, rather than the PDA plan).

I did enable Dial-Up Networking on the Treo.

I found a couple of webpages (although they were from 2005) with discussions of setting up DUN and the dial-up settings to use in Windows and tried both the ISP.CINGULAR settings and the WAP.CINGULAR settings.

I think I've gotten everything going in terms of pairing the phone, but when I try to make a connection, it tries for a bit and then just says "Connection Failed".

I am wondering if the problem is that I am using the MediaNet plan instead, or if there is some other dial-up setting I should use.

If anyone has some exact instructions, I'd appreciate it.