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    I have posted this before in other areas and got no real help a brother out.

    I have a T650 with I have EDGE speeds.

    I like to stream audio from time to time, but want to know what the practical top streaming bit rate should be....

    Obviously I don't want to buffer every 10 seconds but I also want to maximize the audio quality and my listening options.....

    Help a brother out....tell me your experiences..tricks and traps.

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    I would also be interested in hearing others' experiences. I've tried to use Kinoma to stream audio via EDGE, but I get a lot of re-buffering.

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    20-32k streams were good for me for the most part without rebuffering with a decent signal..Kinoma rebuffering was partially a software issue, especially when the screen was off
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    the AAC+ streams (supported by pTunes 4.x) help a lot. They provide for good quality at lower bit-rates. Using such stations for streaming NPR stations has virtually eliminated any buffering. These are typically 32 - 64k streams.
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    I stream at 48k while stationary at my desk pretty frequently with no problems.. MP3s.

    However, in my car, regardless of the bitrate I find it buffers often. I assume what happens is the connection drops in and out as you go through cells and it has to reconnect each time.

    Good luck finding many AAC streams. Now, ogg streams? That'd be great, but apparently you can't stream Ogg on PTunes. Lame.
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    Over the years I've found that I get a minimum average hroughput of 80kbps on EDGE or a given period of time. In worse cases maybe about 65kbps.

    What this means is if you keep it below 80kbps, I think you'll do well. Something in the 64-48kbs range and you should hardly ever rebuffer.
    I've even done 85kbps streams and not had rebuffering. When it did drop out, it dropped out completely (for whatever reason) until my data came back.

    As you know EDGE is capable of way over 80kbps. But when streaming you need to keep that consistent speed and EDGE doesn't always deliver a consistently high speed (it comes and goes.)

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