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    Anyone know of a place I can buy a Treo 680 and start a new contract with T-mobile? I realize I can buy an unlocked phone and start a new contract, but is there anywhere that sells the Treo 680 at a discount with a new contract?

    I basically want T-mobile since there customer service ratings seem to be so much higher, and I don't really need the super high speed data access.

    I have found a local New York Wireless store that sells the unlocked Treo 680 for 249.99 with a new T-mobile contract. I'm not entirely sure it's kosher, but they're obviously providing some sort of discount. The problem is that I don't want a New York number, or else I would just get it there.

    Anyway, if anyone knows of an online or local provider (to San Francisco), I'd appreciate it.

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    maybe you can get a contract, with free phone from t-mobile, then sell the phone on ebay, and then get an unlocked 680? while it isn't really a discount it would reduce the price of the 680 somewhat, i'm thinking.
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    Can't you port your existing number?
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