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    i'm thinking about leaving verizon and move to cingular gsm. i currently own a verizon 700p and i am very tempted to get my hands on a treo 680. my biggest concern is call quality. anyone here from verizon? what are you thoughts? do you think verizon call quality is clearer than cingular gsm? please let me know.
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    I came from Sprint to Cingular, and so I won't comment on Verizon call quality specifically. But here are some things about the difference between CDMA (Verizon and Sprint) vs GSM (TMob & Cingular):
    - No 3G data on GSM. So web browsing and email are *much* slower on GSM than on CDMA
    - GSM radios cause significant interference with audio speakers (eg your car's radio).
    - On GSM, a phone call takes priority over data - so an incoming call will interrupt a download, rather than going straight to Voicemail as it does with CDMA
    - GSM Treos work in 90% of foreign countries, CDMA work in none
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    I saw your post and I think my review I posted in the 700w/wx forum will help answer a few of your questions. It also might open up some issues you might not have thought of yet as well, here it is...


    Anyone thinking about making the switch has a few things to think about... As someone who switched from a 700w on VZW to a 750 on Cingular I'll share a few problems, likes and dislikes, I have discovered...

    My biggest issue, UTMS/HSDPA availability…

    I live/work in Houston and Cingular has UTMS/HSDPA deployed here so I've had a chance to play with that on the 750. I did do the HSDPA hack on the 750 just to see what type of speeds I could get and they where extremely fast, upwards of 850-900kbps but very very inconsistent. With just UTMS I was getting around 300-350. However when HSDPA does work, it’s pretty awesome. It’s faster then EVDO and the ability to do voice and data at the same time is a huge plus. One very annoying thing I noticed with UTMS is when I had a weak signal (1 to 2 bars) I got a lot of dropped calls. The phone seems to jump in and out of UTMS reverting back to GSM/GPRS all the time, even in the middle of a call. When this happens of course the call drops! GSM coverage in Houston is great so when on a GSM call I usually have no issues what so ever. However with GSM there is that annoying feedback issue when your device gets to close to electronic audio devices, pretty much anything with speakers gives you this annoying feedback buzzzzz sound. Those familiar with GSM know what I’m talking about. So it would appear at least in Houston that the UTMS network or 3G towers are not as dense as GSM/GPRS. I'm sure this will improve over time but never the less the UTMS/GSM call signal reverting/drop issue is extremely annoying and inconvenient. As Cingular’s UTMS overlay/build out continues I’m sure this will become much less of an issue.

    The device...

    The 750 it self has some weird buggy issues, go take a look in the 750 forum for the details. In short here are a few... There are issues with no audio from the device. All of a sudden the device produces no audio whatsoever, no ringing, no text/email alerts, no WM5 navigation clicks, etc. The only way to fix this is a soft reset. I have noticed this the most when switching out of silent mode with the button on top of the phone. It’s like the phone doesn’t realize you've placed it back into noise maker mode. This is a rare bug but has happened several times in the 10 days I’ve had the phone. Keep in mind I have been doing all my testing on a standard no 3rd party apps installed Cingular ROM with the HSDPA hack removed (I did a hard reset to do most of the testing). Also the device will vibrate endlessly sometimes plugging it into the wall charger. The menus are a little slower on the 700w, but on a good note the screen is much brighter and text seems clearer.

    Since the 750 has a 1200mh battery you do have shorter battery life. During my testing I did enable direct push/exch active sync and it dramatically affected battery life, when compared to the 700w (granted it as an 1800mh battery). I also did battery testing with a completely default 750 with no direct push enabled and the battery falls well short of claimed standby times. There is a thread over in the 750 forum where someone with insider info has claimed that Palm has admitted to battery issues with the device, no word on a fix though.

    The switch to miniSD is lame because I have to buy a new memory card :-) Also I hate the little memory door, it esp. sucks if you want to use the miniSD wifi card. The door has to just sit there hanging off looking all weird because the miniSD wifi card doesn’t sit flush in the slot.

    So what is neat/cool about the 750? (When compared to a 700w)

    1. Real threaded SMS with working MMS,
    2. In texts and emails you can now use the D-pad to place your cursor anywhere and edit your message
    3. One-handed navigation folder switching in Pocket Outlook
    4. Voice command over Bluetooth works flawlessly (I have a Sony Ericsson HBH-660)
    5. Overall Bluetooth support/usability is much better and seems to pair faster
    6. Stereo headset Bluetooth support, very very cool...
    7. When switching to vibrate mode with the button on the top you get a short vibrate confirmation
    8. The keyboard backlight is synced to the screen brightness
    9. No antenna
    10. The device is lighter and does feel smaller then the 700 line
    11. Ability to do voice and data at the same time via UTMS/HSDPA
    12. A lot more program memory room, roughly 30MB after a soft reboot.

    Honestly though I'm not sure these things are enough for me to keep the device and Cingular. At least with VZW I could always count on the phone portion of the 700w. I rarely ever had phone issues... I got great signal strength at home and work really everywhere I went with the 700w. Also it might be just me but voice quality does seem a little better on VZW/CMDA.

    I have 3 weeks left in my 30 day trail with Cingular so I'm not quite sure what I'll do yet but going back to VZW and waiting for a 700WX is looking more and more attractive.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jg70124 View Post
    - GSM Treos work in 90% of foreign countries, CDMA work in none
    I know it seems like this, but CDMA can be used in many other countries. See this link and use the drop down menu to see which ones.

    Now, as for changing a 700p for a 680. I would love to hear from anyone who has done that as I would think the 700p with EVDO and a better camera would be much more desirable than the 680, but I don't really know about this 1st hand.

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