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    i have a unlocked treo 680 and i signed up for the $5.99 t-zones but it doesn't seem to work. i've read all the posts on this topic, and i've tried to configure it with the instructions for the 650 on but everytime i try to connect it just reads:

    "ERROR: GPRS connection not available. Check your settings in Network Profiles and/or try again. 0x7143"

    can anybody give me advice? ANY ADVICE would be helpful. thanks.
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    Go to the network setting under prefs and change it from Tmobile Internet to Tzones. It is a drop down menu. You will also have to do this everytime you do a soft reset on the phone (software bug).

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    I've run afoul of this myself. My settings for network revert back to T-Mobile Internet from TZones whenever I remove my battery. Last time it was to test another cell phone to see if it was unlocked. When I put my SIM card back into my 680 my network settings had reverted to TMo Internet. Simple to fix, once you know where to look.

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