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    Anyone know or have a rough idea?
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    Man I want to know this as well.
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    Your guess is as good as mine. My educated guess is under 3 months. I think they really tried to get it in before the initial launch but decided to go UMTS only (which is stable) for the launch and but a little time get HSDPA up to snuff.
    I hope push to talk is part of the upgrade.
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    Is the 750 capable of using Cingular's HSDPA? I was under the impression that current models can't use the band that will carry the HSDPA signal. 3G in Europe is on a different frequency than 3G in the U.S.
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    The Treo 750 is certianly capable of HSDPA. Currently it is not implemented in the sofware (it's UMTS only.) Cingular and palm promise an HSDPA upgrade this year (that's as specific as they have been.)
    HSDPA actually works. There is a hack you can install to enable HSDPA, and it definitately works... so it's certainly capable. I just broke down and hacked mine to do HSDPA today, and it's FAST!

    So the question is when does the official upgrade come out? We know HSDPA works. I think Cingular and Palm just want to iron out the bugs first.

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