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    or am I going to have to switch to WinMobile or whatever apple whips up next week? I love my palm OS, but EDGE is growing intolerable, and I'm starting to think I need GSM and 3G more than I need POS.
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    It's possible, but not with the current 5.4.9. It's unable to handle the multiple data streams that UMTS/HSDPA need to function; right now, only CDMA EVDO is available for 3G on Palm OS. It's essentially the same reason we can't have WiFi on a Palm OS Treo. Palm now has access to the Palm OS source code, though, so it's possible they'll be able to modify it to bring us this functionality sometime in the future.
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    Unfortunately, the Palm OS does not support multi-threading, which is required for UMTS/HSDPA. Furthermore, there is no way to add multi-threading support without a complete rewrite of the operating system, so it seems likely there will not be a GSM 3G Palm treo.

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