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    I've been using verizon evdo on a moto q for some time, and because im starting to hate its smartphone os I decided to try out other carriers and phones to see which is faster. So far I got the best speeds with cingular's utms 800kbps+ but my 8525 is constantly switching from utms to edge so the speeds are not consistant. Verizon I average 600-700kbps and coverage is best. I got my sprint seoseoseo $treo$ $700wx$ $today$ $and$ $my$ $best$ $speed$ $was$ $close$ $to$ $700kbps$+ $but$ $the$ $speeds$ $are$ $not$ $consistant$ $either$. $400$-$700kbps$.

    So for those in Chicago, whats your thoughts on sprints data in chicago? I dont travel much, so im not too worried about fast internet in other states. $30 is hard to beat for 500mins, and power vision access because Im paying $70 for 400 mins at verizon with their add-on data plan.
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    1087 kbps just now with sprint. When I selected 600kb file it said the speed was too fast so I had to select 1mb file. Is this a fluke or for real?
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    Uh, wrong forum??

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