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    I was on the phone trying to get the BB 8100 tethering to work with my laptop (No BT, no 680) and while the woman insisted that I pay $45 for the Blackberry's internet and an additional $75 to tether ($120 total..?) I was searching for material to aid my claim that I indeed did not have to pay for both data plans. I couldn't add the two features together (online) and neither could she, so while on hold as she spoke with her significant other, I came across the "compatible plans" with the BB Tether unlm.

    Is it an old plan no longer sold, ATT, or it's a regional plan? I can't find any information about Cingular ever giving unlimited incoming.. not even on regional plans. Look at those long distance and roaming charges. I'm confused. Did they put it online and plan to begin selling people on it? I did try to add it to my cart and it allowed me to get as far as to putting in my information for a credit check.

    Someone check this out and explain it to me.
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