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    I know this isnt supposed to work , but it is.

    I have a 600 and when I put the tmo2go sim in it, I only get the limited wap sites.

    put the same sim into a 650, and the entire web (except the tmo2go account page) is available to me.

    I can check email (imap) with versamail.

    weird. no?

    on hofo there is a thread about it working in some areas, but not in others. but why would it work on the 650 and not the 600?

    i know i should just enjoy it and let it go, but I would like to know.
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    well for my case, my prepaid sim works (as far as web access to all sites) in my 600 and not on my new 680. now my daughter is enjoying her 'hand me down' 600

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