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    I bought my Treo 650 in July. Recently, about a month now I guess, it has started cutting the phone part off automatically. The PDA part is still on, but out of the blue, the phone will cut off. I will hold the button down and cut it back on and sometimes it stays on, sometimes it cuts right back off. Anyone know what this could be? It only does it sometimes. Most of the time, the phone works just fine. Also, it will do it when you are talking on the phone too. It says call ended then the "Goodbye" screen comes up.

    Thanks in advance
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    Maybe the battery. How long does a charge last?
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    I believe there's an option to power down the radio when it can't find a signal--perhaps your signal is weak or the bit that detects the signal is misreporting its status?
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    The battery is fine. It lasts forever still. Also, it will do it whenever it has full service too.

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    What about the SIM card, maybe it's wiggling around. If you bump the phone, does it happen pretty reproducably?

    Search the forums for sim tray.
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    My 650 also did that. A new SIM tray healed the issue.
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    Put a piece of paper or tape between your sim card and the tray. This should fix your problem.

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