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    He removed "Media Works" and re-added "Media Works". The dumbass didn't realize that the one I had was unlimited and the one he re-added was 5MB only. I was lucky to have caught it within a few days before the bill went out of control. Cingular refunded the overages, but I lost MediaWorks. I'm now on MediaMax200.
    I wouldn't think Cingular would give comission on grandfathered plans like MediaWorks.

    Come to think of it.. back when MediaWorks was still being sold, I do remember getting a $230 bill on my unlimited data usage after going to a store. Customer care told me that there was nothing that could be done, as I went over the allowed MediaNet basic limit (whatever it was at the time). The Cancellation department, however, had a different solution.[edit] Precious (the associate I usually see) wasn't working that day, and Samson is the only other rep I've ever dealt with at Cingular.. so it must have been him. Precious would never snake commission from me!
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