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    Who can help me?
    I bought a treo 650 on ebay, but the phone is locked by Cingular and I am a user of T-Mbile.
    I tried to call the service number but she said she can not give me the unlock code because I am not a user of Cingular. That is unfair!
    The ebay seller said he can not get the code either.

    Maybe you need strongly attitude and good communication which I lack.
    Thank you for your kindness!

    Cingular service number: 866-490-2666
    My IMEI: 354-4270-0065-1403
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    Why didn't you post that 10, 15 times? That would have really gotten the point across.

    Here, try this website:
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    I did not wanna post so many times, maybe because of my pool net.
    There are no free unlock information in google.
    I just wanna find a kindman helping me to ask the code from cingular, pls.
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    $15 to unlock the phone is not a bad deal.

    I haven't tried them myself .. just came across that web site.
    Cingular GSM
    Firmware:01.51 Hardware:A
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    To the OP, if you buy a 650 locked, you have to pay to get it unlocked. Unless you're with Cingular, then you MIGHT get lucky and they'll give you the unlock code, as you've said. There's no truly free unlock info for the 650 because it doesn't exist.
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