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    Is there support for it yet or not?

    They are selling the phones at my local Cingular store, so is it in anticipation of the rollout or is there already support for UMTS?
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    Since I'm on T-Mo I can definitively say that 3G does not exist and is a myth.

    However, true believers who belong to the Church of Cingular can apparently worship the Mighty 3G in Woodland Hills at the moment and as time goes by they can prostrate themselves in wonder in other parts of the Greater Los Angeles Metropolitan Area. GLAMA for short. We got glama, pal, here in Southern California.

    It's late at night. Sorry.
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    From what I have heard from my friend that works for cingular corp, 3g is in "GLAMA" in some areas. I don't have a US 3g phone so I have yet to try it myself.
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