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    I'm relatively new to GSM but the new 680 sparked my interest. Is there any SERO compatible plan from GSM carriers? As many of you know, free unlimited data included in SERO is the main attraction, and wanted to know if any GSM carriers offer the same thing.
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    I think the closest to "free unlimited data" is T-Mobile with the $5.99/month T-Zones plan (does it still exist?) or the $19.99/month Blackberry plan (both of which you can apparently hack to work with your Treo).

    I have the NEXT closest thing to "free" which only costs me $30/month which is the T-Mobile unlimited data plus Hotspots wifi unlimited.

    From what I've heard about Cingular, their definition of "free" means more money than T-Mobile's definition of "free."
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    Unlimited data with Cingular is $20 if you say you're using it on a regular phone (not Smartphone), otherwise no.

    I suspect Sprint won't keep the SERO thing long, it's too widely used.
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    I agree Sprint will stop accepting new customers into the SERO program soon. However, those of us that have it will keep it for a LOOOOOOONG time. I think the OP was asking if there's anything comparable on GSM, which will provide 500 mins, unlimited roaming, unlimited in-network calling and unlimited data for $29.99/month.

    Looks like there isn't.
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