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    I had originally posted this in the 650 forum, but didnt get any responses, it might be more fitting to ask this here..

    with cingulars gophone i receive a network message after every phone call telling me how much the call cost me, and how many minutes/dollars i have left on the account. i asked cingular if they could disable the messages (because i can check myself by dialing *777#) but the phone rep didnt really even know what i was talking about, let alone disabling it. It gets VERY annoying to have these popups show up after every call. does anyone know how i can disable all messages from the network? *especially since this is the only message i receive.*

    also note these messages appear in the form of a popup with Network Response at the top.

    update: it seems that these network response messages will cause my 650 to reset on occasion. thinking it might be software based, i even did a zero-out reset, and the problem will still happen. then at other times, i dont even receive the messages at all.

    i might also just keep calling cingular to find a more knowledgable rep who might know how to disable these popups for my account. *note: this never happened when i was using at&t/cingular blue gophone. the phone was originally locked to at&t, but is now unlocked, unbranded, custom rom.*
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    I am wondering the same thing. I bought a Cingular Go Phone and the Smartphone unlimited data plan so that I could take my sim and put in in my 8125 PPC Phone. (I wanted to test out a PPC Phone and Push Email at the time.)

    That message and sound really drive me crazy, too. Please post a solution if you find one.
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    You get that crap on prepay phones, although surprized you can't turn it off.
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    i went to cingulars live forum today to ask a tech about it.
    told me to call. lol.

    it is a slighty annoying problem. ive had gophone for 2 years prior on the old att network *now cingular blue* and never got this message. you cant beat basically the same rates with no deposits or contracts. 2 years exactly later i received a letter telling me they wouldnt except anymore payments on my account, and i had to start a new one to keep my current #. *figured it was either a 2 year limit to gophone, or theyre trying to get the last few people over to cingular.*

    anyways, when the time comes i might sign a contract to upgrade to the 750.
    [unlocked/unbranded/internal antenna/no camera/gsm/treo650]

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