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    Would I be able to use the unlimited data and sms on the Treo 650? I'm guess most likely the SMS will work but I was wondering about the Data.

    Do you know know if the Data will have any port restrictions?

    Also is MMS also unlimited.

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    Well, I was asking myself the same question, so after a lot of research, I came to the conclusion that it MAY be possible.

    See, T-Zones, BlackBerry and Sidekick data plans are the same to a certain degree. Their similarity comes in that their proxy address are the same ( but the difference is that when they speak of t-zones, they use port 8080, but for blackberry and treos (which according to them are supposed to have t-mobile internet, NOT t-zones) use port 9201.

    So I began to wonder what the difference was. On my current cellphone (A notkia 6103--going back to a treo this week, can't take it anymore...anyway) I have a t-zones plan and I use it to use internet on my computer when I am away from a WiFi network.

    Now time for a little recap for those who have ever read my entry on setting up t-zones on your treo and laptop, which for some reason can no longer be found here...don't ask me why.

    The settings I use (and used many months ago when I had a treo 650) are t-zones setting, which would be port 8080. My internet was ok, relatively faster than 56k but not tremendously different. I then changed that proxy to because the previous proxy is orginally meant for phone web browsing, so webpages like ebay and yahoo appeared in mobile-size. So I used this proxy for my computer settings and websites appeared normal.

    After I did this, I decided to update my configuration a bit and decided to use port 9201 instead of 8080 and noticed something interesting, which my be a solid finding, or just merely something random.

    When I used port 8080 I got a solid 80kbps download and 55kbps upload. I tried this several times and even emptied the cache several times to retest, and usually got around the same speeds. Then I changed the port from 8080 to 9201 (the one t-mobile recommends for treos and blackberry) and found something interesting. For the most, the download speed shot up between 120-150kbps download and down to 40-45 kbps upload. I tried it several times and on average I got 90kbps download as the lowest, but mostly it stuck around 120-130s. The same applied for the upload, which usually stuck in the same range.

    I went back to 8080 and again only got 80kbps and uploads of 56kbps.

    Could I be using the port for Sidekick and BlackBerry? I cannot be sure. But the port is different and I know it applies to a different service according to t-mobile. I tried breaking it out of t-mobile associates but they just won't talk. I have a theory that every service is essentially the same, specially the t-zones, blackberry, and sidekick plans, except that they separate them by ports to control speed output. Of course I may be 100% wrong, but I am just reporting what i've recently discovered.

    Hope it helps.

    - C.M.S.
    Man is least himself when he talks in his own person. Give him a mask, and he will tell you the truth. - Oscar Wilde

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