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    I have an unbranded Cingular Treo650 with 1.20 that I bought on ebay. My old phone (a motorola) gets data via edge at my home just fine but for some reason it isn't working with the treo. Every time I try it tries to dial an untitled GPRS connection then says cancelling Is there something I need to do or setup to make it use edge for data instead of trying to dial this gprs connection?
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    untitled GPRS connection = empty copy

    Use the stock settings.

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    The settings for Medianet come from the SIM itself, so delete whatever Network profiles it will let you do, then perhaps turn the phone off and back on, or soft reset. The SIM profiles should be there. They should work.
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    How do I delete the network profiles? I'm kind of new to the Treo..
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    ok ... I figured out how to delete but this "untitled" connection won't go away. When I delete it and do a soft reset it's still there. Though now instead of saying connecting then cancelling it says "network setup incomplete"
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    Are there entries for MEdia Net int he Network prefs? Just set the proper one to the current one in the dropdown, it should work. No big deal if you can't get rid of the other one; just don't use it.

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